On Changing Times - by King Canute

Below is an excerpt from our conversation with King Canute. Explore the full interview, their music and the opportunity to invest in the band at www.livamp.com/kingcanute

"The landscape of the industry has undergone a massive shift in the last few years, with both positive and negative connotations. On the well publicised and depressingly negative scale, venues are closing, bands are ending, labels aren't taking any chances on new sounds. But on the flip side, I think the power is now back in the artist's hands - possibly more than ever! There are so many tools to get your music out there and negate the need for a record label - if you're prepared to put the work in yourself. I think the biggest change however has been in ourselves, when we started out we had the mindset of "If we release this, then people will take us seriously" or "If we're on this label, then people will take us seriously" - maybe because we're a bit older or maybe we've just become slightly jaded by it all, but now we don't care too much about how seriously people take us. We're going to keep doing what we do because we love it - if other people dig it then we will welcome them into our world, if not, that's okay too."