Figuring It All Out…(by Ruby Blu*)

I'm up way too fucking early and have been for hours. Been up reflecting, thinking about life and shit and what the hell I'm going to do next with it.  I've spent most my life trying... to... figure... It... all... out. Trying to make sense of this unparalleled human existence you apparently have just one time to experience before apocalyptic darkness engulfs. So you ask, what exactly have I figured out in my 'EARLY' twenty something year journey? (I dare not disclose my authentic age! If being a bad ass, slick mouthed rock star doesn't work, then you know... I wanna line my self up to be in the strongest position possible to make the transition into...  'manufactured pop star flogging chemical compound formula music to teeny boppers' and in order for that to be a raging success I am comfortably aware that my "media age" will have to be digestible for the hard working moms and dads who will be purchasing my music on behalf of my beloved twink supporters! And although I love you LIVAMP I won't have you fuck this up for me!

1) I've figured out that procrastination is the fucking devil. Shit faced writers call this "writers block". Don't be fooled - giving into this seemingly justifiable expression doesn't make it justifiable... You will spend 7 years of your life procrastinating, one cycle at a time, and before you know it you have dressed failure up in an oxymoron that never applied to you! If your work never gets out there then you never were a 'writer', you never were blocked, and you were just wasting precious time. You have to be a writer to be blocked, so you have to write!  

2) I've figured out that the music industry is fucked in the head. Them big wigs in the industry would have you believe as a musician, as a song writer, as a performer... If you haven't made it by the time you are 17 ... YOU ARE DEAD!!! This isn't true! Don't let this warped ideology manifest, breed or take residency in any part of you! Pharell Williams, Blondie, Andrea Bocelli, Nicki Minaj (for the purpose of this blog is a musician), Sheryl Crow, Frank Sinatra even JayZ ... All 20 something/ 30 something even by the point they really truly undeniably broke it big! Youth doesn't dictate success, you do! Yes the younger you break the longer you have to enjoy it, you also have just as long to fuck up... And let's be honest these child stars are MESSY!

3) Love. I've figured this out! The likes of Adele, Sam Smith, half of these indie bands and every soul singer in existence... Cashing in on a heart break, fuck me! What am I doing laying in this bed... I'm sleeping on a gold mine! Yeah yeah people can say they have heard it all before. This is probably true... But they haven't heard you! They haven't heard ME... My story My interpretation of love! My passionate, kinky, fucked up twisted, embolism  of a romance! These experiences set us apart. Got "Writer's Block"? Go and pick a fight... Do something to get dumped... Tell a lie... Watch the walls in someone's eyes crash and burn before you. Feel guilt, feel stress, feel love... Feel it all. If life has become to plain sailing... SPICE IT UP! There's shit to write about, sometimes you need to give it a helping hand! 

So to recap... Don't procrastinate, your not dead, and a broken heart can be a great thing for creativity... Even if you have to break it yourself, it's all in the name of art!  I'll touch on this more next time if I'm invited to write for for you all again... If the above works for you... You owe me dinner. If I've ruined your life... Write about it... Make shit loads... And then you still owe me dinner! 

🏾️🏾🏾 RubyRubyRuby
Jan 23, 2016

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